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A 5-part email series straight from our signature, puppy-raising course, Oodleway: Puppy Prep, explaining what socialisation really means and how this relates to raising your Oodle to fit into your lifestyle.

What 'socialisation' really means

A deep dive into the most important developmental period for your Oodle puppy and how to utilise it to get the best results

Is Puppy School really the way to go? 

What the average Puppy School teaches you, what it doesn't teach you and why it could be limiting your Oodle puppy's socialisation 

What training you should be doing instead

To ensure your Oodle is reaching their full potential and is learning how to compliment your lifestyle, rather than complicate it

About Tiana

With over fifteen years of combined experience raising Oodles and working within the health, grooming, training & breeding sectors of the small animal industry, I've developed quite an effective strategy on how to raise this breed to fit into every aspect of your lifestyle.

The Oodle Puppy Essentials eBook takes a closer look into my methodologies as the world's first Oodle Coach and provides the foundation on how to socialise and desensitise your Oodle so they can reach their full potential. 

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Download the Oodle Puppy Essentials eBook

Learn how to raise your Oodle to compliment your lifestyle, rather than complicate it.